Seminars…How Can I Even Begin To Explain?

Earn 1k A Day – A Seminar Worth Every Minute and Penny

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That’s what the seminar was called. I was told it was the seminar that took a friends online business from $0 to $4 million in 2 short years. Now that I’m back, I hope it does the same for me and I am already planning to achieve $25k in a month for a new business venture soon.

So it’s not quite 1k a Day, but I am planning on making it a lot more than that as the business builds. It wasn’t the great speakers that helped me put a plan into place, but the networking with a new friend over lunch that changed my outlook and motivated me to see what I was missing.

I Was The Lost Sheep

Everyone there was a member of the Earn1kaday forum and website. People were shocked that I heard about it and came without knowing anyone. If you need help getting your internet business off the ground, you need to check out this membership site called Earn1kaday.

There’s a trial membership for 14days for $10. Your guaranteed to get your money’s worth if you download a few of the free courses and products that members get for signing up. I signed up for the lifetime membership for $500, everyone at the seminar said I would be foolish not too.

I am glad I did….

4 Ways To Monetize Your Website (part 4 of 4)

How To Make Money Online Selling Other People’s Stuff Through Affiliate Marketing

selling other peoples stuff affiliate marketing
Selling Other People’s Stuff Through Affiliate Marketing

One of the most favored ways to make money online is to sell other people’s stuff. Its really just a form of advertising someone else’s product and driving traffic to their website sales page or order page. Many people sell great information and educational courses online in a digital format such as an ebook, video course, or sometimes they cuts sell membership site access to exclusive content online. The creators of these sites will often be willing to pay you a percentage (often up to 50% or more) to help sell their products. You simply have to become an “affiliate” partner and drive traffic to their site. If a person you sent to their site ends up purchasing the product, you get paid whatever percentage you signed up to receive. Clickbank is famously known to be one of the best sites for digital product creators to sell their stuff online. Affiliate sites to sell and promote other people’s stuff are quite simple to build, the biggest challenge is getting them showing in the search engines. So having an established site with a lot of visitors coming to it to promote affiliate products usually works better, or having an email list will also do well for most. Once you start doing your promoting, many digital product sales get handled by Clickbank and they’ll make sure to track your sales and pay you your portion.

Amazon – The Affiliate Sales Masters is one the largest affiliate marketing websites in the world. You can promote any of their products and drive sales through their website. Doing simple product reviews on a blog or even mentioning a product that you use and explaining how much you love it can easily drive visitors over to amazon to do a final checkout. There are millions of dollars in affiliate sales paid out to various affiliates all over the world. With Amazon selling almost every product on the market, you can talk about almost anything and possibly convince visitors that read your site to go on over to Amazon with your special link and get a portion of the sale. Its pretty darn cool!

Not A Fan Of Amazon?

If you like shopping online at a special retailer online, check to see if they have thier own affiliate program that you can take advantage of. Many retailers today offer affiliate commissions to help keep sales up and let their fans do all the work for them.

Can You Create A Saleable Product For Others To Sell?

The other possibility that many marketers explore, is that of being the product creator and seller that allows other affiliate marketers to earn some money promoting their products. If your product is good and easy to promote, it could be a hit and have tons of people promoting your stuff for a piece if the profit pie . This has proven to be very effective and profitable for thousands of internet marketers.

Getting Started In Monetizing Your Website

The best way to get started in simply be like NIKE and “Just Do It”. Find what you like to write and read about and start a blog or a site that has a lot of the information in your head and put it all online and see what you can do to draw visitors. While you’re building the site, then do some research on how to put ads on your pages and start testing the waters. It can take a bit to learn and build an internet business, but you can definitely do it if you keep trying and make adjustments along the way.

Good Luck!

4 Ways To Monetize Your Website (part 3 of 4)

Selling Product On Your Website – The 3rd Way To Monetize Your Site

You might have a garage full of some product that your looking to sell, or perhaps you have a book that you’ve written that is ready to publish. Maybe you’re a gifted teacher or knowledgeable in something that people would be interested in learning about. The internet can be a great place to sell any of those items and even more!

Figure Out A System Based On The Product

If your are selling something tangible that will need to be shipped, be sure you have an idea on how the whole operation will work if you sell a bunch of product daily. Setup your work area, shipping area, know your cost to ship and how you plan to replenish your stock. Make sure that your bookkeeping is going to work so your accountant can understand it and you can track your profits or losses. If you’re selling an e-book or e-course, your job just got a little easier since there are so many great automated tools to take care of that for you. You will still need to figure out a system that will support people who have problems, but it is definitely a lot less troublesome than shipping your product since the internet takes care of the delivery for you. Whichever you plan to do, try to find someone doing something similar that works well for them and copy what they do.

Learn a Little Marketing Skills

Now, all you have to do is get a site up, find and put a good shopping cart inside the site to take payment, and watch the orders come in right? Nope, sorry, it’s not that easy. Now for the hard part! MARKETING

If you can, take some internet marketing courses from people all over the web. I would say that you should get pretty far in learning marketing skills without having to pay a lot of money just on the internet alone. Find a way to promote your stuff without having a bunch people get made at you. Copywriting is a skill that is very valuable. Even if you studied it a little and practiced some, you’d be able to do some amazing things and convince a lot of people to buy your stuff almost magically.

Next, we’ll talk about selling a tangible item and let a company do all the work for you after you’ve built the site.

4 Ways To Monetize Your Website (part 2 of 4)

The Second Way To Monetize Your Site

(Here’s a Link to the first way, in case you missed it)

Whether you are building a large and informative site on a monster niche with thousands of pages of content or you’ve simply decided to build a small personal blog to entertain family, friends, and anyone who finds your life interesting, using this next technique to monetize your site can really be easy and profitable.

Google’s Adsense Program

google capOne the internet’s biggest “money making machine” is Google with their Google Adsense program. Not only is Google one of the most profitable companies on the internet, they are also VERY generous and help others to become profitable as well. Their business model allows internet website owners to earn a revenue and get good relevant ads on their sites. They don’t charge the website owners to get involved in this great program and they have a lot of tutorials and helpful information available. If you start to show that you are doing well in the program, you even get to meet with people FROM Google if you can get to a location that they hold meetings at. When meeting with someone from Google, they’ll even give you some one on one attention with someone from the adsense team as well as tell you about the best and greatest techniques they know work best.

Getting Started With Google Adsense

If you think you’d like to use Google’s Adsense Program to earn a little extra revenue on your site, the process is relatively simple. Here are my recommended steps to understanding how it works:

  1. First go to the Adsense website page at
    Make sure you understand the basics of the program so you get a broad idea of what kinds of websites “might” not be acceptable to do this program.
  2. DO NOT sign up for an Adsense account yet. Not until you have built up a site that has enough content built right to get approved by Google. It is a good idea to go to the Adsense Beginner’s Guide Page and then to the Adsense Program Policy page. These pages are not very long and should be read THOROUGHLY so you don’t accidentally do something that will get your account terminated.
  3. If you do not have a site built yet, start formulating ideas for a site that will attract followers based on the unique content you have. Content that helps to solve problems in niches are great sites to build, as long as you have knowledge about the subject matter and can get enough content up to keep visitors educated or entertained.
  4. Build the site out and start to blog for at least 21 days before you even consider attempting to advertise on the site. (Disclaimer: I do not know specifically what Google is looking for before they approve a site to be allowed to advertise with Adsense. I do know that many people who have gotten rejected by the Adsense program had sites weak in content and sites that have a good amount of quality content seem to be more likely to get approved)
  5. Be sure to have things like a privacy policy on your site.

There are a lot of resources on the internet on how to use Google Adsense to make a little extra income on your site. My local Barnes and Nobles also had a handful of books on their shelves that go into a lot of strategy and gave detailed information on building sites for adsense income generation.

Time For a New Phone, Android OR IPhone?

Technology has advanced so much for mobile phones that its no longer necessary to have to carry a laptop to do work when you are out and about. My current Motorola Global2 cell phone is a few years old and runs an  older version of the android operating system. Its called the Motorola Global2 and has a qwerty keyboard that’s exposed when the screen slides out. It was a long hard debate for me on which phone I should get and went back and forth trying to decide between this phone and the Apple iPhone4 (the iPhone 4s had not come out yet). In the end, the Motorola won out due to the final out of pocket cost being as low as $49 for the phone plus  less than $10 for tax. At Staples, I didn’t have to pay the full tax of nearly $50 more like the other stores charge. Also, the iPhone’s inability to see flash video and expand its memory would have driven me crazy over time.

my motorola global2 android wordpress machineBoth the iPhone and android OS have WordPress apps available to simply posting to your blogs. Trying to access the backside interface on either device through a phone’s web browser is just not as efficient as a nicely designed mobile interface. Now that I have used my android and it’s time for a new phone, I am once again tempted to try possibly go over to the iPhone. A new model iPhone should be coming out soon and since I still plan to develop new mobile apps, its much more advantages to have an iPhone to do my testing. That testing ability is worth the trouble of not being able to see flash on my phone, or is it?

Besides using my phone for calling and texting, the other benefit of getting a newer device is having a decent camera with me wherever I go. When we do our internet business, capturing something we see when we are out and about is a big benefit for content use.

My hope is that very soon, we shall have these devices accurately catch every word we speak and convert it to text accurately enough where I could speak my whole blog content into by phone and it would be instantly ready for posting. I know that much of that technology is close enough to use to catch most of the content for a blog post and all I would have to do is spend a few minutes editing, but total accuracy should be here in a few short years or less.

Till then, I will stick with the currently technology and utilize what is available to me, which is quite awesome already!

4 (Detailed) Ways To Monetize Your Site – Part 1 of 4

The Four Easiest Ways To Consider Monetizing Your Website (Part #1 of 4)

You should think about making money (without selling anything people can own)

I am often asked, “How can you make money on a website without selling anything?”. Quite honestly, on many of my sites make most of the income from not selling anything that someone can own. I may not be selling any “Product” on them in the way most people think of as they only way to make money on the internet, but rather I do sell a little bit of space on my site for people to get their advertising on.

Some Of The Biggest Internet Companies Today Have Paved the Way

There are many VERY BIG Companies that do exactly what I do. The only difference is that they do it on a much larger scale. In fact, I use their business models in much the same way they do. The largest internet company that almost everyone has heard of, Google, makes millions of dollars per month from the ads on their site. I just follow their lead and use their expertise to do the same. Here is the first way to make a little (or a lot) revenue by simply renting space out on your site.

Putting Block and Banner Ads on Your Site

We’ve all seen the HUGE sales banners going across the tops of websites or along the sidebars all over the internet. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money to be placed on these sites to get noticed and to get traffic to their site. If you build a site that gets enough traffic to it, you can sell some of the space on the website for some decent recurring income.

What You’ll Need To Do To Make It Happen

So how do you get enough traffic on a site so that advertisers will want to spend their money to have their ad sit on your site? It’s really quite simple…build a site that people will WANT to visit and keep visiting. I’ve mentioned it before that in order to do that, you need to find a question that people want an answer to and who are looking on the internet to find that answer. Obviously, that will take a little time, effort, and research.

A Lot Of Up Front Work Done In The Beginning Will Pay Off Huge Later

There are many courses out there to learn from that will teach you great ways to lay the foundation for your internet business. The ONE I highly recommend is by Marcus Campbell called “Blog Profits Network“. You can Click Here or on the image below to go to the home page to check it out.

Marcus Campbells Blog Profits Network
Click here to go to Blog Profits Network

I believe it currently runs a little under $500 and very well worth it. When I first started doing an Internet business, his was the first online conference I ever attended and have since made over 100 times since I paid for his old site called Simple Site Big Profits.

This is a great thing to consider as a beginner. His teaching style will teach you in a fast paced way (which is something I liked) all you need to know to get started.

Good luck!

Website Monetization – Selling What’s In Your Head

Your Knowledge Could Be a Goldmine

using a laptop to make moneyOn of the easiest things to sell on the internet is information. Millions of people everyday search the internet for information for various reasons. Perhaps its to solve a problem, be entertained, or to just further their knowledge. It’s a great place to market knowledge you have that someone can use to help them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • “Is there anything I am good at that I can teach (or have taught) others to do?”
  • “Is there something that people come specifically to get my opinion on?”
  • “If I had to write a book, what I choose to write about?”
  • “What hobbies do I love?”
  • “What are my gifts?”
  • “What do I like learning about?”

The Secret To Making Money On The Internet Is Simply “Sharing Knowledge”

If you can build a website that you can share the knowledge you have in your head with others, you CAN make money on the internet. First, you need to learn how to get traffic to your site, so you will now have to learn about marketing first and the basics of how the internet really works and what SEO is all about.

What is SEO?

SEO stand for “Search Engine Optimization”. This means you need to learn how to optimize your site to make it highly visible to search engines like Google. Why is that important? SEO is what will bring you most of your free traffic flow to your website. The more people that come and visit your site, the more opportunities you will have to draw some income. Here are the different ways you can monetize your website.

Ways To Monetize Your Site

  1. Business Ads (selling space on your website) – One of the easiest ways to monetize your site is to put ads on it. Simply contact the people or companies who sell things in your niche and ask them  if they would like to advertise on your website.
  2. Google Ads (called Adsense) – This is a way to draw leads to site that are advertising with Google and the ads by Google will appear on  your site if you let it.
  3. Selling a Product – You can also create a place to sell merchandise
  4. Affilliate Programs – Have you heard of a company called Amazon? Right now they are on of the top as one of the best/biggest websites on the internet. Add a link on your site to This will allow you to be paid a commission everytime someone buys something from Amazon. This program is definitely one of the best due to the fact that they have a huge inventory.

The list can go on for more ways to make income on the internet. In the coming days, we’ll try to break them down a little more and give some examples. Check back tomorrow!

Images For Blogs Tips and Tricks

Looking For A Quick Way To Get Images For Blogs?

Here’s an internet business tech tip that might be helpful for any of you that have a hard time looking for pictures to use on your internet business sites. Some of you may know how to use Photoshop, but even if you do, you may not want to spend your day editing pictures or adding layers to create new images just for our blog post. To do them daily would be a ton of wasted hours when there are a lot faster free tools at your disposal. Here are some tips on programs you can use on both MAC and PC:

Quick “Images for Blogs” Program Creators for Both MAC and PC

  1. blog images for free
    This was made with Microsoft Powerpoint in less than 1 minute

    Microsoft Powerpoint – If you have Microsoft Powerpoint on either you Mac or PC, you can use it to easily create blog images by either combining or mixing images, or adding text to images that you already have. You’ll have to use a little creativity, but the “power” of Powerpoint’s editing capabilities is very good. After making your edited image, you can new either save it as an image by selecting it all and doing a “Save As” an image, or screen capturing it.

  2. Microsoft Publisher – If you know how to use Microsoft Publisher, that program is equally as powerful as Powerpoint in playing with pictures. Both Powerpoint and Publisher can do layers, this is helpful in creating quick images without fighting with too many complicated tools that Photoshop has in it.
  3. OpenOffice – This free “Microsoft Office” alternative has the same capabilities as Powerpoint for you to do you magic.
  4. Google Docs or “Drive” – By signing up for a free gmail account, you have access to Google Docs (now called Drive) which has an online Powerpoint type program.
  5. Picasa for MAC or PC – Picasa does not use layers, but you can change the image and add text to it to make some fun comments for blog posting.
  6. Windows (for PC only) Paint – I’ve seen some people have impressive results with Microsoft Paint, using it to edit pictures with enough  manipulation that it made old images look completely different in a matter of a few minutes. Today’s Paint program works a lot better that it did in the past.

Do you have a favorite picture editor that you used to change old pics into something new? Please share with us what programs you use for you editing purposes.


Set Up The Right Business Machine for Cashflow

Internet Business Will Makes You Think Differently

When you start to work an internet business one of the things that starts to change is the way you think about things. Whenever you look at everyday things around you, your mind begins to see things differently. You’ll begin to see the potential that everything has for cashflow.

Cashflow…The REAL Secret To Financial Success

jumper business vs internet business
This simple jumper works day after day and makes money for it’s owner. Not a bad cashflow machine, but there is still a lot going on to run it.

My niece had her birthday today at a place call U Bounce where kids (and adults) can jump around in multiple jumpers in a monstrous warehouse. As I looked at the jumpers around me, my mind saw how these relatively simple devices were such a fantastic cashflow device in so many different ways. It brought me back to a time when my wife and I were looking for other opportunities to create a extra cashflow business for our self. We saw an ad for 4 of these jumpers for only $800 and we thought about it for about a split second before picking up the phone. Sadly, someone called before us, and we lost a great opportunity. The idea was not for us to be the ones to do the hardwork, but to hire out the work (and provide someone with a job and extra income) while we rented out these units and took in the phone calls for booking. We knew it would take a little research for us to make sure we had adequate insurance coverage and the right system in place for a small amount of extra income to come in, but we felt the time we spent relaxing in the morning. The extra income would be used to invest in another business or once we got it setup and running, we’d sell the small business for a lump sum pricing the business based on the revenue we could show it generated.

An Internet Website Business Is Truly The Ideal Small Business

So, we had a plan that fell through right at the start, no big deal. We already had other starting businesses in place that cost a lot less to start up, had a lot less risk, and took a lot less resources to keep running. At a cost of about $10 per month, to keep running, it has unlimited income generating potential and its turnkey. There are so many business machine models you can setup, but there are few that I’ve seen that have such a low risk level with such great income potential that runs 24/7 and almost totally automated.

Setup The Right (Internet) Business Cashflow Machine…

And you could be set for life. Go the distance and be willing to fail along the way, because each failure is just another step to success. You can do it. I can help. If you have questions, ask them below and I can show you what you need to know!

WordPress Custom Menu & Dropdown Menu – Beginner’s Tutorial

Customizing The Menu On WordPress and Adding Dropdown Options

Customizing your WordPress site Menu can make a big difference on whether or not your visitors enjoyed their experience or not. A site with poor navigation is more likely to have a low visitor return rate, than one that is easy to navigate with a good menu bar. I am often asked how the menu can be changed and made better. This tutorial video will show you where you can go in the admin page to make changes to the menu and includes a couple of neat tricks that could be useful for you.

Steps To Customizing Your WordPress Menu and Adding a Dropdown

  1. Login to your admin page and go to your dashboard
  2. In the left menu bar in your dashboard, go to the “Appearance” button
  3. Click on the “Menu” button
  4. NAME the Menu you are creating (see “A” in the image below)
  5. Click on the “Create Menu” button (see “B” in the image below)
wordpress customize menu screen
WordPress customize menu screen – Click Image To Enlarge

The main menu section to the left will now activate for you to work on your menu. There are a lot of options you have now to customize your menu.

Be sure to select your new menu as the “Primary Navigation”

Using Your Categories and Pages To Be Menu Options

The Pages and Categories section can now be added to menu bar from here. Be sure that anything you want to be in your menu is showing in your menu box. The YouTube video above shows the various options you have to customize your menu. You don’t need to add all your pages to the menu, or if your menu bar is too full, you can make a dropdown of similar menu items.

Bonus Tip: Using Custom Menu Buttons To Drive Traffic To Make You Money

Here is a lesser known tip on using menu buttons to drive traffic to affiliate partners. You can actually make a menu button that will take your visitors to an affiliate vendor. If your visitor purchases a product from the vendor you sent them to, you’ll make a commission. This technique needs to be done properly though, for instance, be sure to name the menu item exactly what it is and do not try to trick your visitor. Like using a button that says something like, “Buy (product) here”.

Custom Menu Creation On WordPress & Dropdown Tutorial