Gmail fowarding – How to forward gmail emails to another email address

Gmail Forwarding – How to forward Gmail emails to another email address.

If you’ve ever wanted to have all your emails go to one place or you have an Gmail address that hardly gets email and it’s not worth your time to keep logging daily, then you need to watch this tutorial on how to forward all your Gmail emails to another email address that you control.

Here is a transcript of the “How to Forward Gmail Emails” video:

Gmail forwarding – How to forward Gmail emails to another email address

In this Tips By Chris video we’re going to teach you how to forward Gmail emails to another email address.

Let’s start by logging into our Gmail account.

Okay.. Once you’ve logged into your account, all you need to do is go to the top right corner where you see the “Settings” wheel. Click on that.

And we are going to click on “Settings”. Once you’re at the settings screen, on the top you’ll see a menu option for “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”. Click on that.

And right at the top you’re going to click on the “Add a Forwarding Address.” Once clicking on that, it’s going to ask you what new address you want to forward to. So, let’s enter our new address. Then click “Next”.

And you’re going to have message that says “Forwarding mail to your new address that you have put in.” Hit “Proceed”.

And you’re going to be sent a confirmation code to the new address that you’re sending it to. So you just need to get that verification permission.

We’re going to bring up the new account that we’re sending to, and let’s refresh it here, and we’ll see the new email address that has come in with the verification code.

Click on this and we’ll get the confirmation code right here. We’ll copy that and we’ll go back to our old screen here. Hit OK.

Put the confirmation code in and hit “Verify”. Once that has been verified, then you can click on the forward copy of incoming mail and you’re going to save those changes at the bottom here. You can also just click on the link here and that will confirm your request to have it sent to the new address.

You can use this forwarding method to forward to other Gmail addresses you control or to perhaps even another central email address where you want all of your email to be sent to.

Click here to watch —> Gmail Forwarding Tutorial Video on YouTube.

How To Take A Full Page Website Screenshot

How To Take A Full Page Website Screenshot in just a few seconds!

Ever wonder how to capture an image of a full page of a website when it’s too long to fit on the screen?

This video is a tutorial on “How to take a full page website screenshot in just a few seconds”.

Using Google Chrome and an awesome free extension called “Awesome Screenshot”, you can make an image capture of the entire page in just a few seconds.

You can watch this video on Youtube by clicking here –> How to take a full page website screenshot (in just a few seconds!) 


How To Easily Take A Screenshot With Windows

Take a Screenshot on Windows Quickly and Effortlessly!

This video tutorial will teach you how easy it is to take a screenshot with Windows 10 thru 7. You’ll see how you can use either the free built-in Windows tool called “Snipping Tool” or the keyboard shortcut for an instant image capture (by holding down the Windows key while pressing the PrintScn key) that will deposit the image into the screenshot folder.

To watch this video on Youtube, go to:


Funai SV-2000 Remote Control Codes

My Funai SV2000 Needed To Be Controlled With Another Universal Remote

Funai SV2000 DVD Player
My Funai SV2000 DVD Player

The codes for the universal remote contol that I had did not include a control code my Funai SV2000 DVD Player. I searched the internet to find a compatible code that could be

substituted in its place. Many of these “off brand” dvd players like Funai are often made by the same manufacturers as a name brand companies.

Sylvania’s Code Matched The Remote I Had

DVD remote control codes from Mitsubishi Television manual
DVD remote control codes from Mitsubishi Television manual

After doing a little searching on Google, I was finally able to find a person who mentioned that they had success inputting a Sylvania remote code into their universal remote control. My television’s remote had a book full of codes to choose from, so luckily, I only had to try one code and it worked!

So before you do any more searches and tests, go ahead and try the Sylvania remote codes first!

Please leave your comments below and let me know if it worked for you! If it didn’t, and you were able to find another solution, please let others know as well!

Seminars…How Can I Even Begin To Explain?

Earn 1k A Day – A Seminar Worth Every Minute and Penny

Click The Image to check out the site

That’s what the seminar was called. I was told it was the seminar that took a friends online business from $0 to $4 million in 2 short years. Now that I’m back, I hope it does the same for me and I am already planning to achieve $25k in a month for a new business venture soon.

So it’s not quite 1k a Day, but I am planning on making it a lot more than that as the business builds. It wasn’t the great speakers that helped me put a plan into place, but the networking with a new friend over lunch that changed my outlook and motivated me to see what I was missing.

I Was The Lost Sheep

Everyone there was a member of the Earn1kaday forum and website. People were shocked that I heard about it and came without knowing anyone. If you need help getting your internet business off the ground, you need to check out this membership site called Earn1kaday.

There’s a trial membership for 14days for $10. Your guaranteed to get your money’s worth if you download a few of the free courses and products that members get for signing up. I signed up for the lifetime membership for $500, everyone at the seminar said I would be foolish not too.

I am glad I did….

Time For a New Phone, Android OR IPhone?

Technology has advanced so much for mobile phones that its no longer necessary to have to carry a laptop to do work when you are out and about. My current Motorola Global2 cell phone is a few years old and runs an  older version of the android operating system. Its called the Motorola Global2 and has a qwerty keyboard that’s exposed when the screen slides out. It was a long hard debate for me on which phone I should get and went back and forth trying to decide between this phone and the Apple iPhone4 (the iPhone 4s had not come out yet). In the end, the Motorola won out due to the final out of pocket cost being as low as $49 for the phone plus  less than $10 for tax. At Staples, I didn’t have to pay the full tax of nearly $50 more like the other stores charge. Also, the iPhone’s inability to see flash video and expand its memory would have driven me crazy over time.

my motorola global2 android wordpress machineBoth the iPhone and android OS have WordPress apps available to simply posting to your blogs. Trying to access the backside interface on either device through a phone’s web browser is just not as efficient as a nicely designed mobile interface. Now that I have used my android and it’s time for a new phone, I am once again tempted to try possibly go over to the iPhone. A new model iPhone should be coming out soon and since I still plan to develop new mobile apps, its much more advantages to have an iPhone to do my testing. That testing ability is worth the trouble of not being able to see flash on my phone, or is it?

Besides using my phone for calling and texting, the other benefit of getting a newer device is having a decent camera with me wherever I go. When we do our internet business, capturing something we see when we are out and about is a big benefit for content use.

My hope is that very soon, we shall have these devices accurately catch every word we speak and convert it to text accurately enough where I could speak my whole blog content into by phone and it would be instantly ready for posting. I know that much of that technology is close enough to use to catch most of the content for a blog post and all I would have to do is spend a few minutes editing, but total accuracy should be here in a few short years or less.

Till then, I will stick with the currently technology and utilize what is available to me, which is quite awesome already!

Website Monetization – Selling What’s In Your Head

Your Knowledge Could Be a Goldmine

using a laptop to make moneyOn of the easiest things to sell on the internet is information. Millions of people everyday search the internet for information for various reasons. Perhaps its to solve a problem, be entertained, or to just further their knowledge. It’s a great place to market knowledge you have that someone can use to help them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • “Is there anything I am good at that I can teach (or have taught) others to do?”
  • “Is there something that people come specifically to get my opinion on?”
  • “If I had to write a book, what I choose to write about?”
  • “What hobbies do I love?”
  • “What are my gifts?”
  • “What do I like learning about?”

The Secret To Making Money On The Internet Is Simply “Sharing Knowledge”

If you can build a website that you can share the knowledge you have in your head with others, you CAN make money on the internet. First, you need to learn how to get traffic to your site, so you will now have to learn about marketing first and the basics of how the internet really works and what SEO is all about.

What is SEO?

SEO stand for “Search Engine Optimization”. This means you need to learn how to optimize your site to make it highly visible to search engines like Google. Why is that important? SEO is what will bring you most of your free traffic flow to your website. The more people that come and visit your site, the more opportunities you will have to draw some income. Here are the different ways you can monetize your website.

Ways To Monetize Your Site

  1. Business Ads (selling space on your website) – One of the easiest ways to monetize your site is to put ads on it. Simply contact the people or companies who sell things in your niche and ask them  if they would like to advertise on your website.
  2. Google Ads (called Adsense) – This is a way to draw leads to site that are advertising with Google and the ads by Google will appear on  your site if you let it.
  3. Selling a Product – You can also create a place to sell merchandise
  4. Affilliate Programs – Have you heard of a company called Amazon? Right now they are on of the top as one of the best/biggest websites on the internet. Add a link on your site to This will allow you to be paid a commission everytime someone buys something from Amazon. This program is definitely one of the best due to the fact that they have a huge inventory.

The list can go on for more ways to make income on the internet. In the coming days, we’ll try to break them down a little more and give some examples. Check back tomorrow!

Best WordPress Backup Plugin Tool

If You Use WordPress, YOU MUST Get This Backup Tool

If you are a wordpress user, sooner or later you will need to do some kind of backup on your blog. While there are many ways to do it, I am going to talk about the BEST backup tool on the market today. I believe I was one of the first people do buy this amazing product when it was first launched and I am blessed and honored to actually personally know the creator of it. So what is this amazing backup tool and why is it so great? Here’s why…

WPTWIN – Why It’s The Best Backup Tool (In my humble and honest opinion)

Back in March, I got hacked. It wasn’t just any ‘ol “screw up one of my websites” hacked, it was a major hack that ran through about a dozen of my WordPress sites and it made my internet income drop like a rock. The hackers were smooth and sneaky in their attack. It was only when someone tried to get to my site through Google’s search did the hack redirect them to some obscure virus ridden site. So when I tried to go directly, I saw nothing wrong and couldn’t figure out why all my traffic was disappearing. Through a random accident, I used Google to get to my site and saw what was happening. I called my hosting company and they did a complete restore of my hosting account and all the virus ridden sites were fixed in about an hour. Whew…My sites and my account were restored from about 60 days prior, and it didn’t seem like it was a total shutdown issue.

WPTWIN Backup Program Gets Put Into Action

wptwin screenshot
Wptwin actual screenshot of the cloning tool screen

So now that I know all my sites are clean, I run a local backup on all of my WordPress Blogs one by one. I don’t know how I got hacked, but I do know I haven’t fixed anything to prevent it again. How was I supposed to fix something I had no idea how it broke? My hosting provider gave me some ideas, but I had about 30 WordPress sites being hosted. Some of them were live and running, others were private and used only for testing. A few days later, it happens again. I saw it instantly as my income numbers were so small it was like the internet was down to me. This time, my hosting did not have the same backup to run, for some reason they cleaned out their backups and I was forced to take an older backup restore file. This was getting ridiculous…

WPTWIN Saves The Day With Complete Clones Of My Sites Waiting To Be Restored

My WPTWIN Backup Files Saved the day a few times more as I tried to update and secure all my sites. In the end, I actually had to take a few key sites offline for a few days and rebuild them in another (non-Wordpress) software. I am about to get those original wordpress sites backup, and thanks to my WPTWIN software, I have FULL and complete clones on my harddrive ready to be restored at any time.

Click here to see how it works so seamlessly!

Images For Blogs Tips and Tricks

Looking For A Quick Way To Get Images For Blogs?

Here’s an internet business tech tip that might be helpful for any of you that have a hard time looking for pictures to use on your internet business sites. Some of you may know how to use Photoshop, but even if you do, you may not want to spend your day editing pictures or adding layers to create new images just for our blog post. To do them daily would be a ton of wasted hours when there are a lot faster free tools at your disposal. Here are some tips on programs you can use on both MAC and PC:

Quick “Images for Blogs” Program Creators for Both MAC and PC

  1. blog images for free
    This was made with Microsoft Powerpoint in less than 1 minute

    Microsoft Powerpoint – If you have Microsoft Powerpoint on either you Mac or PC, you can use it to easily create blog images by either combining or mixing images, or adding text to images that you already have. You’ll have to use a little creativity, but the “power” of Powerpoint’s editing capabilities is very good. After making your edited image, you can new either save it as an image by selecting it all and doing a “Save As” an image, or screen capturing it.

  2. Microsoft Publisher – If you know how to use Microsoft Publisher, that program is equally as powerful as Powerpoint in playing with pictures. Both Powerpoint and Publisher can do layers, this is helpful in creating quick images without fighting with too many complicated tools that Photoshop has in it.
  3. OpenOffice – This free “Microsoft Office” alternative has the same capabilities as Powerpoint for you to do you magic.
  4. Google Docs or “Drive” – By signing up for a free gmail account, you have access to Google Docs (now called Drive) which has an online Powerpoint type program.
  5. Picasa for MAC or PC – Picasa does not use layers, but you can change the image and add text to it to make some fun comments for blog posting.
  6. Windows (for PC only) Paint – I’ve seen some people have impressive results with Microsoft Paint, using it to edit pictures with enough  manipulation that it made old images look completely different in a matter of a few minutes. Today’s Paint program works a lot better that it did in the past.

Do you have a favorite picture editor that you used to change old pics into something new? Please share with us what programs you use for you editing purposes.


How To Take A Screenshot On a Windows Computer

Take a Screenshot of your Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, computer screen using these easy steps.

No, you won’t need to download or buy any software, it’s already built into your computer It’s easier than you think! I am going to start with the newer Windows version first because the software (Called “Snipping Tool”) they’ve built into Windows 7 and Vista is very easy to use and works well.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista Screen Capture “Snipping Tool”

  1. Start by having the item you want to capture on your screen.
  2. Go to the “Start” menu and select “All Programs”, Then “Accessories”, then “Snipping Tool”. (you can also click start and type in “Snipping Tool” in the search box to get to it)
  3. Your screen will have a “Cloudy” washed out look to it and a small “Snipping Tool” window will appear. This means you can already drag over the area you would like to capture.
  4. Hold your mouse button down and drag over the area you would like to capture. Once you let your mouse button go, your image is caught and ready to be saved to your hard drive.
  5. Play with the tools you see at the top menu to highlight or draw over an area that you want to emphasize.
  6. Lastly, be sure to hit the save button on the top left once you like what you see or you will lose it if you close out.

Taking Screenshots for Windows XP Users (which will work for Windows 7 and Vista users)

If you are still using Windows XP, you can use the following steps to capture your picture. These steps also work for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users as well, but the instructions above is a lot faster than these next steps.

  1. Start by having the screen you want to capture on your desktop.
  2. If you want to screen capture your WHOLE desktop, locate the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard and PRESS IT ONCE. (Most of the time, this key is located on the upper right side of the keyboard. It may also be abbreviated as “PRT SC”. Click on the picture below to enlarge the images.)Don’t expect to see anything happen, all you’ve done is tell the computer to store the desktop image in memory. There are no indicators that tell you its done. If you only want to screenshot the ACTIVE program window and NOT the whole desktop, Hold your ALT-Key down while you press the “Print Screen” Key.
  3. Now, you can open your Paint program by going to “Start”, then “All Programs”, then “Accessories”, and now select “Paint”.
  4. Once you open paint, Select “Edit” and “Paste” (or do a ctrl-V) to insert your picture into paint.
  5. Now save the file to your hard drive by selecting “File”, then “Save As”. You will be asked to name your file and you now have a screenshot image you can use anytime.

Hope this helps!