Funai SV-2000 Remote Control Codes

My Funai SV2000 Needed To Be Controlled With Another Universal Remote

Funai SV2000 DVD Player
My Funai SV2000 DVD Player

The codes for the universal remote contol that I had did not include a control code my Funai SV2000 DVD Player. I searched the internet to find a compatible code that could be

substituted in its place. Many of these “off brand” dvd players like Funai are often made by the same manufacturers as a name brand companies.

Sylvania’s Code Matched The Remote I Had

DVD remote control codes from Mitsubishi Television manual
DVD remote control codes from Mitsubishi Television manual

After doing a little searching on Google, I was finally able to find a person who mentioned that they had success inputting a Sylvania remote code into their universal remote control. My television’s remote had a book full of codes to choose from, so luckily, I only had to try one code and it worked!

So before you do any more searches and tests, go ahead and try the Sylvania remote codes first!

Please leave your comments below and let me know if it worked for you! If it didn’t, and you were able to find another solution, please let others know as well!

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