How To Change A Username In WordPress – Video Tutorial

WordPress Video Tutorial – How to Change A WordPress Username

This is a question I get a lot. “How can I change the username in wordpress?”. This video will show you the easiest way to do it without messing around with the database. Anyone can change the admin username or any other username by using this step by step video tutorial. Please like this video if you’ve found it userful! Thanks!

In case you are unable to view this video, you can follow these instructions. To change the display name for posts, you can go to the user menu, then select the user you want to edit. Change the display name drop down to what you would like to display on the posts. If you want to make up a new name, use the nickname box to add a new option to choose from.
To change the username for an admin user, simply create a new admin user with the username you wish to use. Then log in as the new admin you just created and you will be able to delete the old admin profile. Be sure to assign all the posts to the new profile or they will all be deleted.

How to change a wordpress username

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