Gmail fowarding – How to forward gmail emails to another email address

Gmail Forwarding – How to forward Gmail emails to another email address.

If you’ve ever wanted to have all your emails go to one place or you have an Gmail address that hardly gets email and it’s not worth your time to keep logging daily, then you need to watch this tutorial on how to forward all your Gmail emails to another email address that you control.

Here is a transcript of the “How to Forward Gmail Emails” video:

Gmail forwarding – How to forward Gmail emails to another email address

In this Tips By Chris video we’re going to teach you how to forward Gmail emails to another email address.

Let’s start by logging into our Gmail account.

Okay.. Once you’ve logged into your account, all you need to do is go to the top right corner where you see the “Settings” wheel. Click on that.

And we are going to click on “Settings”. Once you’re at the settings screen, on the top you’ll see a menu option for “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”. Click on that.

And right at the top you’re going to click on the “Add a Forwarding Address.” Once clicking on that, it’s going to ask you what new address you want to forward to. So, let’s enter our new address. Then click “Next”.

And you’re going to have message that says “Forwarding mail to your new address that you have put in.” Hit “Proceed”.

And you’re going to be sent a confirmation code to the new address that you’re sending it to. So you just need to get that verification permission.

We’re going to bring up the new account that we’re sending to, and let’s refresh it here, and we’ll see the new email address that has come in with the verification code.

Click on this and we’ll get the confirmation code right here. We’ll copy that and we’ll go back to our old screen here. Hit OK.

Put the confirmation code in and hit “Verify”. Once that has been verified, then you can click on the forward copy of incoming mail and you’re going to save those changes at the bottom here. You can also just click on the link here and that will confirm your request to have it sent to the new address.

You can use this forwarding method to forward to other Gmail addresses you control or to perhaps even another central email address where you want all of your email to be sent to.

Click here to watch —> Gmail Forwarding Tutorial Video on YouTube.

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