Best Macbook Pro Sleeve – MacCase Unboxed and Reviewed

The best 15 -inch Macbook Pro sleeve I could find after weeks of research was the MacCase Sleeve.

Here’s a link to the Best Macbook 15-inch sleeve ever! Watch the video below as I unbox and review my new MacCase Sleeve. I looked for months as I researched and searched for the perfect sleeve.

The sleeve is perfectly fitted and designed specifically for the Macbook Pro and comes in silver or black. The reason I feel this is the best sleeve for the Macbook Pro is that it doesn’t use a zipper. The neoprene cases are great too, but the zipper can scratch your Macbook. The MacCase also has better padding than a neoprene case, and the design is stylish and even has vent holes to help cool down the laptop (especially if you are one who leaves your laptop on between destinations to avoid the shut down and boot-up time).
At the time of my purchase in January 2012, I got it for $29.91 + $5.99shipping from and took only 6 days to arrive even with a holiday in between. Check out the amazon listing here at: