Making Money On Vacation – Internet Business Reality (part 1 of 3)

Last week Friday, my wife and I headed out to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday. Since we are competing in a contest with 11 others to do 1 blog post a day for 30 days, we needed to plan time to do our posts and bring the equipment needed to stay in the competition. Each competitor’s post must have 351+ words in it and at least 1 picture. After a post is published, we also have to email all the text and the actual post URL before 11:59pm, or we are eliminated.

late night computer work typically makes my eyes red by 10pm
Getting the daily work necessary to be successful in an internet business can definitely put a strain on your eyes.

The drive to Las Vegas normally takes us about 4 and a half hours with a snack break along the way in Barstow California. Since we have to leave on a Friday after work, I shift my schedule to get off a little earlier and both of us try to get home by 3pm so we can leave our home by 4pm and beat the “Vegas Friday Rush”. We have our Internet businesses in place bringing in some nice side income every month that covers our medical insurance and leaves us a little left over any extra monthly surprises that may come up. We would both like to increase the internet business income to EXCEED our regular work salaries so we can work from home full-time with unlimited income potential.

This past getaway to Vegas gave us a “realistic” idea of what it would be like to have such an ideal situation. We were able to leave the house by 4pm like we planned and heard that we would run into some trouble along the way since a tanker truck had overturned on the main freeway that takes us into Nevada. Most reports were estimating an additional 8 hour delay and said to prepare for a long trip in to Vegas. We debated briefly about staying home till late in the evening and heading out early the next morning, but since we had booked the hotel already, we braved the news and hoped for the best.

It ended up being a very long ride like the reports had said and we got to our hotel lobby at 11pm. With one hour left to get our blog posts up, we scrambled to our room and I booted both our laptops up and connected my cell phone’s wi-fi so we could start writing by 11:20pm. With only 39 minutes and counting we scrambled to get our content written and posted and we were both starving from missing dinner. Both of us had our doubts about making it in time.

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Why Internet Business Can Be For “Almost” Anyone Willing (part 1 of 3)

teach an old dog new tricksYes! You can make money on the internet if you are willing to put in the effort.

As an internet business coach, I’ve met people of all ages and abilities who’ve asked me to help them get started making money on the internet. They all have seem big dreams and aspirations to do something better for themselves. That’s usually a good thing as long as those dreams don’t fade on them and they are willing to put in the effort.


Shark Infested Internet Waters

The internet business world is not a hard thing to step into, but you do need to tread cautiously and avoid the sharks out there. Interestingly enough, most internet gurus are the real deal and truly seem to have your best interest at heart, but there is a lot of money to be made and they’ll do your best to make you believe it can be done in a heartbeat while you open your wallet and hand a months salary or more over to them. Funny thing is, if you do all they say, you can achieve all they promise, BUT are you willing to do everything?

Right From the Start, 80% Will Fail… 🙁

It’s a known statistic that 80% of people who buy stuff like courses to educate you on doing a business or change your life will never fully complete it or take any action to do what they learned. Many won’t even open the products box to get started when they get home even after they’ve paid an enormous amount of money. It’s a strange thing to me. Even those that do open it, it’s well known that they will probably go through a few modules of the material before they put it on a bookshelf and it never gets touched again. I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on seminars, infomercial products, and online courses. Most of them I’ve gone through the materials a few times over and taken some action on almost every single one of them in some way. In the end, they’ve made me ten times over what I’ve paid.

So why don’t others take the necessary steps to accelerate their financial situations into a better place? The answer will shock you…

Continued – “Why Internet Business Can Be For “Almost” Anyone Willing (part 2 of 3)”

How To Get Yourself Motivated To Work Your Internet Business

So You Want to Make Money On The Internet and Just Can’t Seem to Get Going

Working My Internet BusinessI found one way that got over a dozen people going at once on their internet businesses with me! Here’s how…

If you’ve ever had a problem getting motivated to do anything with your internet business, you’re definitely not alone? Or maybe you’re thinking about starting an internet business? You read a few books, bought an online class or two, or even spent a few days watching YouTube videos on how all the rich guys claim to have the quickest way to do it. Now you are just trying to find a way to get started and take action. Getting motivated is one of the hardest things for people to do, even when they know the rewards can be really great for them. I’ve seen it happen to me time and time again and have a million excuses for everyday I didn’t do anything. I think I am one of the worst culprits of being unmotivated and I am know I can do it. So it has nothing to do with fear or lack of knowledge, it’s simply a lack of motivation and laziness.

But I think I found the right solution that works best for me, and perhaps it will work for you too!

I am really motivated to get things going, and I am going to share a few “tips” that might help you get motivated like it did me. I am going to start with some easy ways to motivate yourself first, then work my way up to the ones that seem to be most effective.
So here’s the tips you might want to try to get going on your internet business off to a great kick start.

  1. Start with a Goals and Dreams List – There’s something kind of magical about a dreams list. List all your goals for the next year and then the next 5 years. Put down what you want to have and accomplish for each list. THEN, make a copy and put one on the fridge and another on a mirror that you look at everyday.
  2. Find an Hour in Your Daily Schedule and Block ItUse this hour to make a blog post a day about something you really like and do it for 30 days… Now don’t stop reading this post till you read the next one.
  3. Make Failure Painful -Here’s the REAL trick now. Find a few people who might have similar goals and start a competition where you will award a prize that is pretty cool and desirable. In my case, I am giving away a brand new Nook Tablet worth $200 to the winner of the contest to which I am competing in. This way, it also makes success fun. Competition is a strong motivator for me, but also motivating others and seeing them succeed is equally motivating.
  4. Encourage Others and Build a Support Group – It works for so many other things, why not internet marketing?

If you want to see what we did at to get 12 people to start taking serious action, visit the website contest page at:

There were 17 people who signed up to compete, and 13 that are still in after day 1. Many of the competitors have re-invigorated dead blogs and others created their very first blog ever. I feel that many of them are not even really in it to win the Nook Tablet, but did it to be a part of something fun and to be encouraged. It’s working for me, try it and it could work for you too!