Best Toshiba Thrive Cover/Case Review

Looking for a cover to protect your 10.1 inch Toshiba Thrive Tablet?

Here’s a review vlog that I made unboxing a cover that I ordered through

This unit was purchased from eforcity through If you’d like to purchase one or see pictures of the cover, you can click here to go directly to the amazon item page, or go to

This cover has an excellent feel to it and at a final total cost of $12.04 ($8.09 cover + $2.98 shipping + .98 cents tax) it was 1/2 the price of most covers/cases I found in local retail stores. The cover leaves all the areas that need to be accessed clear and has a small catch flap in the back to allow the cover to also double as a stand.

If you’ve found a better deal or another cover that you like better, please leave your comments below.