Here’s How Easy It Is To Use WPTwin

WPTwin is so easy to use! Here’s how:

  1. After you’ve made your purchase and downloaded your wptwin product, you will need to access your website servers. If you do not know how to do this, call your hosting company and ask if they can show you how to access the website servers where your WordPress blog resides. Many hosting companies have tutorials online or have good customer support staff that can help you.
  2. Once you can see inside the folder where all you wordpress files are located, you need to upload the wptwin.php file into that area.
  3. You can tell if you did it right by going to your browser and typing wptwin.php after your url. (For example, in the browser address bar, the address should say: wptwin screenshotYou will then see a screen that says either you need to login, OR you will see a page that looks like this —>
  4. Next, all you need to do is click on the “Click To Clone” button and your backup will start to generate for you to download.
  5. saving a wptwin file to your desktop

    You now need to download the generated “clone” file to your computer and put in on a disc or backup drive so it is in a safe place. —->

  6. This file is a complete backup of your blog and includes the database as well. If it is small enough, it can be burned on a DVD to be sure that you don’t lose this clone.

Using the Clone to duplicate a site you’ve built in another location

The clone file can also be used to duplicate the look and feel of a site that you already created and like. You can deploy it in its entirety to a whole new location and simply change what you want in its duplicate home. I have used this when trying to build a strong presence in a micro niche market no one has gone after. This technique can save days worth of work! The cloned locations can also be used to test plugins, updates, and risky changes to the code.

How To Deploy The Clone

  1. Before you can use the clone, you will need to install WordPress on the website you will be using. It will start off as the basic template, which is what you want.
  2. Now, If you are ready to use your clone file, you will now need to upload the file called wptwindeploy.php that came in your download folder from your order. You will upload that file into the location that you installed wordpress. It should “look” very similar to the folder that you uploaded the original wptwin.php file.
  3. Upload the clone file that you downloaded from the site you are duplicating. It should end with “.wpt”
  4. Now type in the new locations website address in a browser and add /wptwindeploy.php to it. It should look something like this:
  5. wptwin deploy validation screenYou should see the following screen.       ———–> Enter your email address that you registered when you purchased Wptwin.
  6. follow the steps for the deploy hereAt this point, you will need to decide whether or not you want to delete the clone after the deploy is done. If you don’t have a backup of the clone, do not let it delete. I recommend downloading it now before you move forward. I also recommend you leave the clone and the main wptwindeploy.php file in place by unchecking the box if you are doing testing. If the site breaks during a test, you won’t have to re-upload them again.

WordPress is not a perfect product and anyone who has done a lot of sites with WordPress will probably have similar horror stories of losing their site. Backing up is a necessity and having an easy to use tool like WPTwin is worth 10 times what you’ll pay for it. How valuable is your time if you lost all your work tomorrow? For internet marketers, it could be worth thousands a day in revenue. All the pros I know use WPTwin to stay protected, you should too! Get it here —–>

WPtwin is the best WordPress backup plugin tool on the market.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin Tool

If You Use WordPress, YOU MUST Get This Backup Tool

If you are a wordpress user, sooner or later you will need to do some kind of backup on your blog. While there are many ways to do it, I am going to talk about the BEST backup tool on the market today. I believe I was one of the first people do buy this amazing product when it was first launched and I am blessed and honored to actually personally know the creator of it. So what is this amazing backup tool and why is it so great? Here’s why…

WPTWIN – Why It’s The Best Backup Tool (In my humble and honest opinion)

Back in March, I got hacked. It wasn’t just any ‘ol “screw up one of my websites” hacked, it was a major hack that ran through about a dozen of my WordPress sites and it made my internet income drop like a rock. The hackers were smooth and sneaky in their attack. It was only when someone tried to get to my site through Google’s search did the hack redirect them to some obscure virus ridden site. So when I tried to go directly, I saw nothing wrong and couldn’t figure out why all my traffic was disappearing. Through a random accident, I used Google to get to my site and saw what was happening. I called my hosting company and they did a complete restore of my hosting account and all the virus ridden sites were fixed in about an hour. Whew…My sites and my account were restored from about 60 days prior, and it didn’t seem like it was a total shutdown issue.

WPTWIN Backup Program Gets Put Into Action

wptwin screenshot
Wptwin actual screenshot of the cloning tool screen

So now that I know all my sites are clean, I run a local backup on all of my WordPress Blogs one by one. I don’t know how I got hacked, but I do know I haven’t fixed anything to prevent it again. How was I supposed to fix something I had no idea how it broke? My hosting provider gave me some ideas, but I had about 30 WordPress sites being hosted. Some of them were live and running, others were private and used only for testing. A few days later, it happens again. I saw it instantly as my income numbers were so small it was like the internet was down to me. This time, my hosting did not have the same backup to run, for some reason they cleaned out their backups and I was forced to take an older backup restore file. This was getting ridiculous…

WPTWIN Saves The Day With Complete Clones Of My Sites Waiting To Be Restored

My WPTWIN Backup Files Saved the day a few times more as I tried to update and secure all my sites. In the end, I actually had to take a few key sites offline for a few days and rebuild them in another (non-Wordpress) software. I am about to get those original wordpress sites backup, and thanks to my WPTWIN software, I have FULL and complete clones on my harddrive ready to be restored at any time.

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